Karin Vlugter Photography

Karin Vlugter has specialized in portrait-, art- and flatline photography which she combines with her practice as graphic designer.
Her studio, Fifty50design, is located in the center of Utrecht.

Art Photography


Karin also works in cooperation with visual artists. She photographs their artwork, 3D as well as 2D. Every piece of art needs a different approach. 

The artwork on this page is made by Karin Kortenhorst.



Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is one of Karin’s main subjects. Autonomous as wel as in commission.  At this moment she is working on a project about Friendship. More to follow …



Fotovakschool Statief

Karin is finalizing her study at Fotovakschool Statief, Utrecht.

Intermezzo Japan

Karin is member of this group of 4 Dutch photographers – artists who are inspired by Japan and Japanese art

intermezzo-japan.nl for more information, also about upcoming exhibitions